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Tree-to-Table Craftsmenship

Live Edge Furniture and Mobile Milling

Serving the Greater Puget Sound Area and beyond

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Our services

Full Service

Travelling Sawmill

Travelling sawmill services provide the ultimate convenience - turn your trees into lumber from your own backyard! Our customers trust our experience in preserving the history of nature by salvaging trees into beautiful live-edge lumber or other building materials.

Experienced craftsmen

Furniture & Countertops

Celebrate the sustainability and durability of live edge furniture and countertops - an investment that will last a lifetime! Built by craftsmen using the highest quality materials and designed to last for generations. From quote to delivery, we work with you to design the furniture of your dreams.

Trusted Quality

Slab Shop

Impeccably preserved live edge slabs for your next project - milled by experienced professionals from locally salvaged trees. Our customers appreciate the attention to quality that goes into every single slab we produce. 

A different kind of tree service company

Family owned and operated

At Corbin Wood Studios, we're not just in the business of crafting furniture and milling lumber – we're in the business of transforming spaces and enriching lives.


Founded by two brothers in 2017, our journey began with a passion for woodworking and a commitment to sustainability. With our mobile milling services, we've empowered homeowners to turn their fallen trees into usable treasures, ensuring that every piece of timber tells a story long after it's been cut. From salvaged lumber to custom creations, we've honed our craft to deliver one-of-a-kind works of art that seamlessly blend style with sustainability. Join us in our mission to elevate your space naturally, with handcrafted furniture and locally sourced materials that bring the beauty of nature into your home.

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We are located in

Bonney Lake, Washington


Josh & Kyle Corbin

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